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Friday, December 7, 2007

Support Iraqi Scouts!

Good morning,

The members of the Green Zone Council recieve many offers of support from scouts and scout leaders all across the U.S.! We'd like to take a minute to thank you all for your donations of equipment and funds. Without you, we would be unable to support these young boys and girls and the great things they are doing.

Many have emailed to ask for specifics on how to help. I am posting a list of items that have been requested by the President of Iraqi scouting. There are 20 scout camps across Iraq, so you will notice that many of the items are requested in that amount. Other smaller items are requested in larger amounts (such as flags, etc.)

Some of the items on the list, such as Iraqi flags and scout uniforms, would be easier for us to purchase here with donated funds. If you are interested in raising funds toward a specific item, or if you want to help with any of the items themselves, please email us at Thanks again for all you do for the Iraqi scouts!

Scouting uniforms 100,000 (yes, there really are many, many scouts!)
750 for Youth sizes (s.m.l) 250 for guides ( shirt + hat + pants + scout tie + belt)
Tents - 300 - 180 Pound
Different rope - 1000 Packages
stick + pickets - 800 tie - 400 stick + 400 pickets
Cooking tools - 200 set - pot + plate + filter + big bowl + big spoon + ladle rice + washbasin
Electrical equipment- 20 for each - Refrigerator + TV
Beds - 200 bed - 1000 chairs + 500 tables
Furniture - 20 set sofa sets - 20 set small tables
Cleaning Tools - 100 roles hose - 50 M - 500 brooms - 200 sweepers - 200 plows - 300 pails
300 shovels - 200 trolleys (wheelbarrows)
manual tools + electrical tools - 100
Electrical generators - 20
workshops - 60 - 20 workshop for Blacksmiths - 20 for carpentry - 20 science
Computers -
scouting flags - 1000
Iraqi flags - 1000
cameras - 20
work uniforms - 1000
music band - 20 - big drum+ small drum + cymbal + horn

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Iraqi Scout Day Camp

Welcome to an inside look at an Iraqi scouting day camp! On Saturday, November 3rd, about 120 scouts from the International Zone (IZ) in Baghdad, Iraq came together for a day of knot tying, camp setup, scout songs, pizza, team building and more!

More than just a day camp, however, Saturday was also an important step in the training of new Iraqi scout leaders. New leaders from the International Zone had been preparing for this event by training under an Iraqi scout leader with many years of experience. The entire training session was three phases, which were completed on three consecutive Saturdays.

In Phase I, the new leaders attended a seminar given by an Iraqi scouting instructor. They learned about the basics of scout leadership and Iraqi scouting principles. The next Saturday was Phase II, and consisted of going to the scout camp located in the IZ to practice some of the hands-on skills learned in the seminar. The final Phase, Phase III, was a day with the scouts where these new leaders trained the scouts in what they had learned.

The Green Zone Council's role was to provide equipment and other logistical support for the seminars, to provide transportation for the leaders and students, and to finance the pizza lunch! We were able to do this thanks to our many supporters here in the IZ and around the world. Thanks to you all!

The members of the Green Zone Council

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Green Zone Council Patch

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Scout Camp Clean-Up

On August 3rd and 4th members of the Green Zone Council along with several volunteers from the IZ community cleaned up seven acres of land to be dedicated to the Iraqi Boy and Girl Scouts. This land was donated by the Iraqi government to the Iraqi Boy and Girl Scouts. One day the Boy and Girl Scouts of Iraq will be able to enjoy this land for camping, teaching, and other events.
Thanks to everyone who has helped clean-up the camp thus far the scouts will be able to enjoy a camping event next month. The final plan for the scout camp is to put some hard standing buildings in for activities such as carpentry or sewing. The Green Zone Council will continue to improve the scout camp area for the future of the Scouting Program in Iraq.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

History & Mission

Begun in the early 1920’s, Iraqi Scouts have been at the forefront of Arabic Scouting for decades. With the exception of two periods since the program began, Iraqi Scouts have been members in good standing of the World Organization of Scouting Movements (WOSM); the exceptions being during the Nazi occupation of World War II and during the latter part of the regime of Saddam Hussein. The Green Zone Council (GZC) was founded to assist in local efforts to return Iraqi Scouting to its former position of leadership within the Middle East. The GZC was founded in 2004 and has been staffed by dozens of members who joined during their time or tours in Baghdad. During their tenure, all have uniformly worked to advance the short term and strategic goals of the Iraqi Scouting Council.

The Iraqi Scouting Council works under the auspices of the Ministry of Education (MoE) and counts more than 150,000 youth members and several thousand adult leaders in all 18 provinces. The GZC has been with the MoE every step of the way helping to raise funds for training and equipment drives, hosting meetings of senior Iraqi Scouters, and coordinating with the World Scouting Foundation to insure funds are available to advance organizational goals and missions.

Iraqi scouting and the GZC reached a milestone recently when the Government of Iraqi designated approximately 7 acres of land in Baghdad's International Zone as a permanent scout camp.

Work is now underway to clear and renovate the land. It's hoped the first scout camp-out can be held in a few months once the cooler season arrives.

If you'd like to contact The Green Zone Council email: