Thursday, July 31, 2008

What are Iraqi Scout Camps like?

While the GZC functions in the International Zone, there is a whole country outside our little enclave that is going about their business. Like scouts everywhere, Iraqi scouting has many ties to the joys of nature and camping. Iraqi scouts go to camps, and when they have a camp their schedule may look something like this.

(Special thanks to Zeenat and Moayad for providing this)

Hour Event
0530 Wake up
0545 Morning sports/Calisthenics
0615 Prepare breakfast
0700 Tent/camp Inspection
0730 Flag raising ceremony
0800 Morning activity/Scout Skills
1200 End activity morning/Prepare Lunch/free time
1600 Evening activity (sports, scout activities)
1800 Prepare Dinner
1900 End evening activity (lowering flag ceremony)
2030 Meeting of honor council (camp fire starts)
2100 Night activity (camp fire)
2200 End night activity
2230 Lights off/quiet time/go to sleep

Monday, July 21, 2008

Major Schweiss ~ Virginia Pilot

The following link is to an article about Major Tina Scheiss published in the Virgina Pilot. MAJ. Schweiss was a valuable member of the GZC durring her deployment here to Baghdad. She went above and beyaond to assist in all aspects of the scouting movement here in Iraq. Her influence lives on in the heart of the children and she is greatly missed.

A Girls Day Out !

Recently the Green Zone Council was pleased to participate in a girls day out. The event encompassed ballon animal making, crafts where the girls made braclets, and photo albums and the girls also had the expierence of getting their hair and nails done! There were many team building games. The girls were all smiles and greatly enjoyed the activities.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Community Service Event

Hello Scouters!! Recently, the boy and girl scouts here in Iraq went out in the community to help beautify the area. The children found a playground in need of repair, so they grabbed thier paintbrushes and went to work! The children were happy as the put a bright coat of paint on the equipment. Everyone had a great day and now the children of that area have a fresh, and colorfull place to play!!!