Saturday, November 17, 2007

Iraqi Scout Day Camp

Welcome to an inside look at an Iraqi scouting day camp! On Saturday, November 3rd, about 120 scouts from the International Zone (IZ) in Baghdad, Iraq came together for a day of knot tying, camp setup, scout songs, pizza, team building and more!

More than just a day camp, however, Saturday was also an important step in the training of new Iraqi scout leaders. New leaders from the International Zone had been preparing for this event by training under an Iraqi scout leader with many years of experience. The entire training session was three phases, which were completed on three consecutive Saturdays.

In Phase I, the new leaders attended a seminar given by an Iraqi scouting instructor. They learned about the basics of scout leadership and Iraqi scouting principles. The next Saturday was Phase II, and consisted of going to the scout camp located in the IZ to practice some of the hands-on skills learned in the seminar. The final Phase, Phase III, was a day with the scouts where these new leaders trained the scouts in what they had learned.

The Green Zone Council's role was to provide equipment and other logistical support for the seminars, to provide transportation for the leaders and students, and to finance the pizza lunch! We were able to do this thanks to our many supporters here in the IZ and around the world. Thanks to you all!

The members of the Green Zone Council