Monday, March 10, 2008

Scouts at the 86TH Combat Support Hospital

March 8th was another great day with the Iraqi Boy Scouts and Girl Guides! Today they went to the 86TH Combat Support Hospital to visit with wounded coalition forces and local nationals. Everyone at the hospital was very excited and this was an excellent opportunity for the Iraqi children to interact with soldiers and locals. The children handed out Trails End Popcorn which was graciously donated. Everyone shared laughs and smiles!! Afterwards the children ate lunch that was provided by the hospital dinning facility, and were allowed to play around in a FLA (military ambulance) and finally played games! There were many games available to include a piƱata, stuffed animals, Frisbees and footballs. The children were so excited and enjoyed tossing around the toys and taking the stuffed animals’ home with them! It was truly a great day for all involved, and a memory that will last a lifetime!!!


Snakeeater said...

You guys are doing a great job. I've bought a number of patches and am trying to spread the word.

There's definitely an Eagle project there for a guy who wants to gather and ship supplies to the program.

Anonymous said...

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