Monday, November 10, 2008

GZC Council Meeting Minutes (5 Nov)


SUBJECT: 05 November meeting minutes

1. The Green Zone Council met on 05 November at 1130 for its weekly planning meeting.

2. The following members were present:
Ralph Allen Greg Mahoney Larry Douglas
Pat Bell Dan Bradford Jason Pogacnik
William King Rhonda Horried Eric Fretz

3. We discussed the following events:

- Frame with Certificate of Appreciation, flag, and patches has been done for the recognition of Major Stu Wolfe
- Official Knot Patches are in and other new design patches will be in soon.
- A few old patches are left for sale.
- GZC to apply to National for approval of patches and design a certificate to go with the patches
- GZC picture exchange day to be held at Ralph Allen’s office on 11 Nov from 100 to 1400. The historian, Rhonda Horried, will start building a file of pictures to share and has started designing a website.
- Conex box located in the scouting area needs rearrangement for gear accessibility and Embassy conex box is empty.
- One of the projects we will be working soon is to mark the walls around the camping area with an Iraqi Scout symbol to help us secure the woods for the scouts permanently
We need spray paint, if anyone knows how to get some please let us know
- The project to locate scouting books in Arabic continues. Any suggests please let us know.
- Volunteers from Aegis are interested in supporting the GZC. We will be putting together a wish list for them. If you have ideas on different needs, please let us know. Aegis contact is Kevin Halborg.
- GZC liaisons designing a template for tracking contacts back in the States. Please forward any US contacts to Pat Bell or Greg Mahoney
- Ralph Allen’s home council is sending items for the Pinewood Derby.
- Jason Pogacnik, volunteer from GAO, is to follow up on the land issue concerning the scouting camp with a State Department contact
- No action forward with the Girls Only or Boys Only events until the GZC is contacted by the Iraqi BS/GS contact.

4. The Treasures report is as follows:
-$3013.07 in available cash

5. The following nomination was made:
- To show appreciation to KBR Charlie Wilson for his assistance to GZC it was suggested that the GZC present him with a patch and popcorn – APPROVED

6. GZC Links:
MNF-I GZC link:
WWW Blog link:
Email address;

7. Fund raisers are available for all who may be interested in selling some items. Ralph Allen is currently the POC; he has the following items that could be sold:
-New computer bags are available

8. The next meeting will be held in room B-104 at the Palace on 12 November 1130.

Pat Bell
Green Zone Council


gr8buffalo said...

Unless I am doing something wrong, this link is broken.

Keith Blackey
Founder/Coordinator Iraqi Scouting Support
International Committee
Pacific Skyline Council
Boy Scouts of America
Mobile: 650-740-0703

gr8buffalo said...

I have several old CSPs (Donation amount is in parenthesis. Make checks payable to ‘BSA’ and send to Jan Partin, Sr. District Executive, Pacific Skyline Council/BSA, 1150 Chess Dr, Foster City, CA 94404-1107. Write “Iraqi Scouting” on the check. Contact me about credit card donations.):
1. Green:
* Autographed ($450 each): 4 Chip Beck.
2. Red:
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4. White:
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6. Forest Green:
* Regular ($80 each): 20
* Autographed ($200 each): 7 Chip Beck & 5 Ryan Crocker
7. Blue:
* Regular ($70 each): 37
8. Silver:
* Regular ($60 each): 17

I also have limited supply of Green Zone Council and Victory Base Council T-Shirts ($50 each).

Keith Blackey
Founder/Coordinator Iraqi Scouting Support
International Committee
Pacific Skyline Council
Boy Scouts of America
Mobile: 650-740-0703

Unknown said...

I tried to email you at both "greenzonecounci" at aol dot com as well as at "greenzonecouncil" at aol dot com, neither of these email addresses is working.

If you could please provide a valid email address, I would like to rally our troops to help your efforts to restore Scouting in Iraq.