Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meeting Minutes - 26 Nov 2008


SUBJECT: 26 November meeting minutes

Attendees: Dan Bradford, Eric Fretz, Guin Rowell, Stephanie Flowers, Steve Mahringer, Bill Addison, Weldon Hobbs, Russ Pangburn, Ralph Allen


- Russ Pangburn taking over Secretary after Tom Bauer’s redeployment

- Scouts property next to Tomb of Unknown Soldier
-- Looking to gain title for Scouts use
-- Would like a lease for 15-30 years?
-- Must be Iraq-led initiative
-- Do not want to lose momentum and have land usurped
-- Would like to mark with stencil
-- Spray paint available on Victory at hardware store next to Bronx, Golden’s, and Liberty Bazaar by PX

- Long-term existence of committee
-- Transition to new location when IZ opens up
-- Still many unknowns as to where various members will be working (new Embassy, Union, Victory etc.)
-- Will coordinate activities via conference call as an option
-- What to do with inventory (turn over to Iraqis?)

- Treasurer update
-- Col King => 3,678.09; Other approximately 1000.00 => total 4,678.09

- New Patches
-- Would like 5-year anniversary patch – should be non-offensive
-- Symbolizes Iraq/Baghdad
-- Design ideas? Crossed Swords and Lion/Eagle/Man were mentioned
-- Would like for January timeframe; need about 60-day turnaround

- Inventory Spirit of America merchandise
-- Target 6 Dec
-- Coordinate with CDR Russell
-- Need some volunteers

- Need to get kids re-engaged
-- Work with local schools and communities; careful not “Americanize” the effort

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