Friday, December 12, 2008

Meeting Minutes (10 Dec 2008)


SUBJECT: 10 December Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Dan Bradford, Angela Drinkwitz, Russ Pangburn, Michael Uyehara, David Starnes, Alex McMahon


1. Meeting Location/Embassy: All State Department activities will begin officially operating from the New Embassy Compound (NEC) starting 1 Jan 09 (some functions already transitioning). Next week (17 Dec), we will meet at our current location in the Embassy—new location will be defined at that time.

2. Iraqi Children Participation: Ramazan is setting up a meeting with the Ministry of Education to discuss participation in the program.

3. Spirit of America: Financial support provided by Spirit of America. Using funds to provide propane hoses, tanks, and trees (10 hoses, 5 tanks, 5 trees). Would like to provide the same for Camp Victory—Angela to contact Victory for coordination. Also need shelving to help sort supplies—Dan Bradford providing coordination and guidance.

4. Support from US-Based Scouting Organizations: Waiting until exams are finished. More activities when holidays are over.

5. Kitchen Supplies: Angela to send Dan an inventory of the kitchen supplies.

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charlie affel said...

I am in Philadelphia and the sponsor of the US's first Iraqi born Eagle (according to the national ofc).
Now we have a new Iraqi born scout in our troop w little Engish (recent refugees) and a somewhat reluctant father.
Can you help ease the transition for them with any BSA materials written in Arabic ?
Charlie Affel, former CC Troop 177 Wyndmoor, PA, caffel(at)aol